1180 0D and 1229-C 02C in Clifton Park Town Court

Our client in this case was given 2 citations on I-87 in the town of Clifton Park – just north of Albany in Saratoga County. The first ticket was an 1180 SPEED IN ZONE (speeding at 81mph in a 65mph zone) and the second was a 1229C2C FRONT SEAT PASS AGE 4-7 NO/IMPROPR RESTRAINT (not having child in a proper safety seat). These are both fairly serious charges that could have cost our client several hundreds of dollars in fines, 4 points for the speeding ticket, and 3 points for the child safety restraint ticket if they had plead guilty – 7 points total for charges our client denied having committed!

We, of course, entered a not guilty plea on their behalf and were eventually able to have the speeding ticket reduced to a 0 point parking ticket (1201 0A STOP/PARK VIOL) with a fine of $150.00 and no surcharge. The court agreed to reduce the child restraint ticket to a regular 2 point seat belt violation (VTL 1229-C3 SEAT BELT VIOL) with a $50.00 fine and a $85.00 surcharge. Our client saved not only hundreds of dollars in fines and possible special assessment fees, but also untold dollars in auto insurance premiums. Only 2 generic points were issued and a total of $285.00 in fines was required to be paid, an excellent disposition in this case.

For more information about our practice in the Clifton Park Town Court, please see www.cliftonparktrafficlawyer.info. We also handle DWI cases in Clifton Park.

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