What is the New York VTL 1201 0A STOP/PARK VIOL?


VTL 1201 0A STOP/PARK VIOLThe STOP/PARK VIOL is a violation of section 1201 (Stopping, Standing, and Parking) of New York state Vehicle & Traffic law. Section 1201 reads as follows (with part “0a” bolded):

§ 1201. Stopping,   standing,   or  parking  outside  of  business  or
residence districts. (a) Upon any  highway  outside  of  a  business  or
residence  district  no  person  shall stop, park, or leave standing any
vehicle, whether attended or unattended, upon the paved or main-traveled
part of the highway when it is practicable to stop, park,  or  so  leave
such  vehicle  off  such  part  of  said  highway, but in every event an
unobstructed width of the highway opposite a standing vehicle  shall  be
left  for  the  free  passage of other vehicles and a clear view of such
stopped vehicles shall be available from a distance of two hundred  feet
in each direction upon such highway.
(b) This section shall not apply to the driver of any vehicle which is
disabled  while  on  the  paved or main-traveled portion of a highway in
such manner and to such extent that it is impossible to  avoid  stopping
and temporarily leaving such disabled vehicle in such position.

This is a 0 point, parking ticket and does not even show up on New York driving records. Consider yourself fortunate  if you are able to have your speeding or other traffic ticket reduced to the 1201 0a in any court in New York state.

As indicated in the Fine Notice posted above, our client in this case was able to plead guilty to a 1201 0A STOP/PARK VIOL as part of a deal to reduce their original charges of following too closely (VTL 1129 0A FOLLOW TOO CLOS). A fine of $100.00 was issued with no mandatory state surcharge and the case was closed.

If you have more questions about Section 1201 of New York Vehicle & Traffic law, you can visit our dedicated resource at 1201a.com, leave a comment here, call our office at (518) 465-2211, or request a free consultation. For inquiries specifically related to the town of Guilderland Justice Court, you can visit our dedicated page at guilderlandtrafficlawyer.info.

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